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Gynaaecare is a best IVF facility in Bangalore and an exceptional Assisted Reproduction Center situated in the core of Bangalore, effortlessly open through all types of transportation. Being by a noteworthy metro station even those without simple access to four wheelers can undoubtedly discover their way as the center is on the principle street. An area helpful for IVF Patients as they as a rule need to visit the center more much of the time than different classes of patients.

The Center gloats of best in class embryology research center with all the most recent gear required for the best outcomes, even in troublesome cases or those with past disappointments. The real methods like In vitro Fertilization/Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection/Blastocyst culture/helped incubating/pre-implantation screening and analysis and so forth are performed in this very lab. The lab is kept up at the most astounding norms of tidiness, temperature, air immaculateness and so on in order to accomplish best outcomes for our patients.

Broad andragogy work is done at our Center as we have faith in regarding the couple all in all rather than simply dealing with the ladies and alluding the guys on the off chance that they have ripeness. We perform Intra Uterine Inseminations at whatever point conceivable and don’t immediate every one of our patients towards IVF/ICSI except if their tests abandon them with no other alternative. One of the fortes of this Center is that we will probably give each couple who needs a tyke, a tyke, by the slightest obtrusive way appropriate to them. We individualize treatment for every one of our patients, doing what most advantages them.

Inside a similar lab, in a different room, lies the harvest reservation office. This is a standout amongst the most fundamental territories of the facility. It is the place confirmation of sperms, oocytes and also incipient organisms is improved the situation future utilize if essential. Indeed a few patients both Indian and universal keep their fetuses solidified even while they have considered a tyke from IVF. At that point they pick solidified developing life move with the end goal to consider another kid with great outcomes.

We have a decent, calm, tranquil and all around went to post agent zone for patients experiencing IVF systems or general laparoscopic/hysteroscopy strategies to upgrade fruitfulness. It is constantly checked by at least two staff attendants and one conceptive prescription specialist consistently. We guarantee that its a best IVF facility in India.

Our careful working performance center is isolated from the IVF working room and lab in order to keep up the most elevated models to tidiness. Incipient organisms are to a great degree touchy to any adjustments in nearby hatchery condition, any manufactured added substance in their lab condition, (for example, fragrances and so forth) are developing life harmful. Henceforth the general gynecology OT are kept discrete. In the general OT we perform laparoscopy and hysteroscopy and different strategies with our best in class gear’s f and involvement in taking care of more than 5000 IVF cases.

Aside from the OTs, we have conference chambers, and a different infusion room where the cool chain is kept up between 2-8 degree Celsius as prescribed. Here in the security of the chambers the patients uninhibitedly talk, share their issues with the specialists and get experienced counsel. They get the every day infusions in the infusion room by uncommonly prepared nursing staff.


Maybe a standout amongst the most critical realities about the Center is the accessibility of the Senior most advisor and chief all through your cycle rather than simply meeting you on the principal day and the incipient organism exchange day. Here the experts do your ultrasounds themselves, talk about your treatment with you themselves, answer every last question themselves. The Director Dr. Madhu Naidu and Dr (Mrs) Bala is generally accessible consistently, and manages all medicines and methodology. She herself does all egg pick-ups and fetus exchanges.

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