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Generally, a woman produces and releases one egg ever money. In case if she is having 28-30-day cycle then ovulations usually happen in between day 12 to 16 of the cycle. Following Follicular Tracking Ultrasound Scan method, an ultrasound scan is arranged on the 10th day of the cycle. Let’s check it out more about it in a discreet manner.

A Brief About Follicular Tracking Scan Bangalore –

With the help of Follicular Tracking Scan Bangalore, it becomes possible to get to know about the size of the follicle along with the thickness and nature of the endometrium. Doctors suggest to go with ovulation prediction kit also called LH surge kit when the follicle reaches a size of 16 mm in diameter.  LH surge kit is available at any chemist and one can buy easily. The next scanning processing is also arranged at the same time when follicle reaches the size of 18mm.

When the ovulation prediction kit shows positive result highlighting 2 lines, it means that the occurrence of LH surge to stimulate ovulation. And the couple is advised to get intercourse done within next three days right from the starting of that day. Make sure that you are choosing your doctor carefully. And Gynaaecare is one of the best platforms to have Follicular Tracking Ultrasound Bangalore.

Actually, Ultrasound comes up with high-frequency sound waves passing through the tissues and reflected by the internal organs. In a comparison of X-rays, Ultrasound in Bangalore does not use ionizing radiation and therefore it is considered quite safe. And therefore, Gynaaecare always recommends its patients to go with this way. And a radiologist who keeps a close eye over the screen image keeps all the record and do share with the patient’s fertility doctor.

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If you are hunting for the best clinic to have the facility of Follicular Tracking Radiology, Gynaaecare is trustworthy to choose. This clinic is equipped with all required equipment to serve the best facility and treatment to the patients.

Hope the shared content was helpful to know about Ovarian Cyst in Bangalore. If you have any doubt or having some other confusion, then consult with the experts. The doctors are always available to serve you the best. All you need to get your appointment fixed.

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