A Simple and Easy-To-Understand Guide For ICSI Treatment

We all must have heard about ICSI fertility treatment. But what it is and how does this treatment is performed? There are times when the couples face problems in conceiving because of sperm mobility process or low sperm count problem. The sperm-related problem can be treated with ICSI treatment. This process is the same as IVF but in this process, only healthy sperm is extracted from the man’s sample and then it is injected directly to the eggs. There are a number of clinics for ICSI treatment in Bangalore that provides effective and high success rate treatment to the patients.

Let’s understand ICSI treatment and process more clearly:

The process of ICSI fertility treatment

ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection) is a process in which the healthy sperm is extracted from the sample and then it is planted directly to the egg for the fertilization to take place. This process is beneficial in those cases when sperm can’t reach the eggs for the process of fertilization. It is mainly prescribed only when the man is having the problem of sperm mobility problem or low sperm count. ICSI procedure is consisted of mainly of five steps which are listed below:

  • The sample is taken from the semen and then extracted
  • Eggs are also extracted from the ovaries
  • One healthy sperm is then injected into an egg
  • The injected egg is then observed for its development
  • Once the egg is developed to a normal range, it is implanted to the uterus.

Cost of ICSI treatment

ICSI cost Bangalore is different for different clinics. The cost of ICSI treatment is completely dependent on the medical history of the patient. This cost of treatment includes lab test charges, injection charges, medicines charges, consultation, and clinical charges.

The success rate of the ICSI treatment

ICSI hospital in Bangalore offers the best fertility treatment that is offered by the highly experienced doctors. The success rate of this treatment is dependent on the cause and severity of the infertility problems. The health of the eggs and the age of the couples also contribute to the success of the treatment.

If you’re looking for a trusted and the best ICSI clinic then you need to consider these important things:

  • Experience of the doctors: This is one of the important things that need proper consideration before reaching any ICSI clinic. For better treatment and high success rate, it is important that you’re consulting with an experienced fertility doctor. You should discuss the procedure, success rate and side effects of the treatment with them.
  • Treatment methodology: Along with finding the best ICSI doctor in Bangalore, you need to check out the treatment process and methodology that the clinic is going to perform. Don’t forget to ask about what treatment are they going to perform and what techniques will be involved in it.
  • Always go for the second opinion: Don’t just stick to just one hospital that you’ve visited. You need to visit and consult doctors from different ICSI treatment centre. This’ll give you an idea about the treatment procedure, a team of the doctors and the cost of the ICSI clinics.
  • Check out for the reviews about the clinic and its services: Another important thing that you should follow is to check out the reviews of the hospitals before finalizing any of them. You can ask any friend or relative who has recently visited the clinic and get their treatment done. If you’re looking for a reliable clinic and want to get your treatment done in an effective manner then www.gynaaecare.com is the best option for you.
  • Cost of the treatment: It’s better to check out the cost of the treatment of ICSI as different hospitals have different treatment costs. So, you can compare the hospitals that are offering low treatment fees for effective medical treatment.
  • Search online: Thanks to the advancement in technology, owing to which we’re able to search anything online. Thus, you can easily search online about the sorted names of ICSI clinic in Bangalore. Asking the previous patients of the clinics will also help you to find the best ICSI treatment hospital. Online forums are also beneficial as you can post your queries on them regarding the ICSI clinics. With this, you’ll get an idea about the treatment procedure.

And the Last Words –

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