What to Expect from IUI About the Process, Success Rate and Cost?

There are many different factors and lifestyles reasons that cause infertility problems in couples. The inability of conceiving is a very stressful situation for a couple. Infertility problems can be treated with good success rate through the IUI process. IUI (Intrauterine insemination) is a fertility treatment that has aided millions of people to conceive. Also known as the artificial insemination process, this treatment can be done with or without any fertility medicines.

This treatment is a fertility treatment procedure that has become popular because of its fewer health risks and lower treatment costs. Availability of different IUI hospital in Bangalorehas made it possible to get the treatment done in an effective and hassle-free manner. Patients have many expectations from IUI treatment about the success rate and effective medical treatment. Let’s have look on the process, success rate and cost of the IUI treatment.

IUI Treatment Is Mainly Recommended for Below Mentioned Reasons:

  • Problems of unexplained infertility
  • If in the treatment a sperm donor is being used
  • If the patient is not able to conceive from the fertility medicines
  • The problem of male infertility
  • The problem of cervical mucus
  • If normal natural conceiving method is unsuccessful

If the couple is not able to conceive because of any of these reasons then IUI doctor in Bangalore recommend them to undergo the IUI fertility treatment procedure. When it comes about the best treatment, Gynaaecareis the first name comes at the fingertips adhered to serve the best treatment without compromising the quality.

IUI treatment Process

In IUI procedure, the sperm is injected directly to the female’s uterus directly. Because of its cost-effectiveness, this fertility treatment is highly popular. IUI process is performed as:

  • The first step involves stimulation of the egg growth
  • Important tests will be done such as ultrasound and blood monitoring.
  • Ovulation will be induced.
  • Insemination process will be done in which a sperm sample is injected into the uterus through a thin catheter.
  • Follow up will be done to check if pregnancy has happened.

Experts of IUI clinic in Bangalore may recommend some medications along with the treatment in order to make it more effective. The IUI cycle is completely depended on the reasons for your infertility.

Cost of The IUI Process

Whenever you need to decide about fertility treatment, there are some important things that need proper considerations. These important things include the type of infertility, age,and medical history. Along with this, the cost of treatment is also an important factor that requires proper consideration. IUI is the popular fertility treatment that is available today in the medical field. This treatment method has a good success rate along with lower costs. Cost of IUI treatment varies from clinics to clinics and city to city. The IUI cost Bangalore is affordable as per cycle of this treatment is about Rs. 8000 to 9000.  This cost includes the consultation fee, clinic charges, lab charges, ultra sound, and other tests.

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Some of The Factors That Influence The Cost Of The Treatment Are:

  • A number of cycles are one of the factors that will influence the cost of the treatment. A number of cycles means higher cost of treatment.
  • Medicines: This is one of the important factors that will influence the cost of the treatment. Injections and medicines are required for ovulation simulation whose cost might increase or decrease the overall cost of the treatment.
  • Monitoring of the ovulation & follicle: Various blood tests and vaginal ultrasound will be done in the IUI treatment process that can also influence the cost of the treatment.
  • There are many other factors also such as medical history, age and treatment procedure.

Success Rate of The IUI Treatment Process

The success rate of the treatment process is good and ranges from 10 to 17 percent. These percent are per cycle success rate. It means that if there will be more cycles of the treatment then the rate will also increase. The success rate of the treatment is dependent on the patient’s age and cause of infertility. IUI treatment centre explains that if the infertility is explained then there is a 35 percent success rate. Success rate per couple is 55 percent if there’s a cervical factor infertility problem.

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