Gynaaecare Is the Best Maternity Hospital for Surgical Sperm Retrieval Involving PESA And TESA Treatments in Bangalore

Male infertility generally arises due to low sperm count. It occurs when the fluid ejaculate of semen does not contain enough sperms. This also prevents natural conception from taking place as the sperms are not able to fertilize the eggs to form an embryo.

  • Reasons for Increase in The Number of Infertility Cases

With the changed lifestyle of people and adoption of ill activities like smoking and drugs, low sperm count is a normal problem amongst males. Previous medical procedures or environmental changes can also lead to low sperm count. There is no particular symptom of low sperm count other than the inability to conceive a child, low sex drives and pain and discomfort in the testicular region.

  • What are PESA and TESA?

With the advancement of medical science, there are different procedures followed nowadays in order to treat infertility conditions. One such treatment is the TESA and the PESA. Both these medical procedures are performed to treat low sperm counts arising either due to low sperm production or blockage in the reproductive tract. In PESA an injection extracts the sperms from the epididymis. In TESA a biopsy is performed to obtain the sperm from the testicle. Both these procedures help in determining the sperm count of a male so as to devise the correct method to treat it.  The sperms obtained from these procedures are then directly injected into the eggs through the intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) procedure.

Gynaaecare Is the Best Centre to Treat Cases Regarding PESA Infertility in Bangalore

Amongst the different maternity clinics in the city, Gynaaecare offers the best PESA fertility treatment in Bangalore. The experienced physicians are the top-notch maternity doctors in the country and have achieved great success rates for the same. They have delivered a number of successful cases and blessed a number of couples with parenthood.

The Gynaaecare maternity hospital performs a number of procedures like IUI, ICSI, IVF, surrogacy, and FET. It is very known for treating cases regarding PESA infertility in Bangalore.

Gynaaecare is the fastest growing fertility and reproductive healthcare facilitator guaranteeing you with the best treatment possible. The medical procedure of surgical sperm retrieval cost lies within budget and from the most experienced and professional doctors and healthcare providers.

The Healthcare Facility of Gynaaecare Is the Top Centre for TESA Treatment In Bangalore

TESA is one of the best medical technologies which treats infertility cases in males. They directly inject the sperms extracted from the epididymis into the female eggs which then fuse to form the embryo. It has helped a number of couples turning their dream of parenthood turn into reality. The TESA treatment in Bangalore is one of the acclaimed treatments in the city owing to its great success rate and the fact that it is a minimally invasive procedure.

Gynaaecare understands the importance of parenthood in one’s life and so they work to provide their services at a very affordable price. The TESA treatment cost is very low making it easy for patients to indulge in such procedures.


Gynaaecare is a healthcare center that supports you throughout the treatment. It has a name for the TESA infertility treatment in Bangalore and even provides its patients with legal and financial aid for the same. So, what are you waiting for? It is time to visit the official site and grab more information in respect of it.