Dr. Madhusudhan Naidu really did exceeds my expectation in every way I had problem of microperforate hymen and surgery was only solution for that. During Three years of married life I visited many doctors but anyone not understood my problem, even some of them declared without examined that you are not cooperative that's by you are facing this problem after tolerating lot of unnecessary comments I met with Dr. Kavitha kovi, she is a wonderful gynecologist and when I discussed my problem with her, She listened patiently and suggested Dr. Madhusudhan Naidu and after meeting of him I felt now I am on safe hands, he explained structure of my hymen by figures and also explained how he will operate it & made me comfortable for surgery otherwise I was afraid of surgery and he did great job and even after surgery he supported very nicely .because of him we are enjoying happy married life. he is best Gynecologist(Urogynaecology ub-specialist and Minimal Access Surgeon) of Rainbow Hospital, Bangalore.
Richa Guru