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Urogynaecology is a sub strength of Gynecology that thinks about ladies with pelvic floor issue. Pelvic floor issue influence the bladder, regenerative organs and entrail. They incorporate urinary incontinence, overactive bladder, pelvic organ prolapse and fecal incontinence. These issues are extremely normal and may emerge in ladies of all ages. Some pelvic floor issue, for example, prolapse, are firmly connected with the impacts of pregnancy and labor while others, for example, overactive bladder, can happen with no conspicuous hazard factor.

The Urogynaecology unit at the Gynaaecare is a multidisciplinary benefit with Consultant Urogynaecologists, Physiotherapists, Continence Advisors and Advanced Midwifery Practitioners functioning as a group to precisely analyze and oversee pelvic floor issue.

Our Urogynaecology centers give appraisal, examinations and treatment for ladies with urinary incontinence, vaginal prolapse, repetitive urinary tract contaminations, bladder torment and pelvic floor damage after labor including financial incontinence.

We are the biggest Urogynaecology Center in west London, seeing more than 5,000 patients with urogynaecological issues and performing in excess of 1,000 urodynamic examinations every year. We have performed more than 500 noteworthy activities for urinary incontinence and prolapse.


Conditions and medicines

Our Urogynaecology benefit treats various issues in ladies, including urinary incontinence, vaginal prolapse, intermittent urinary tract diseases, bladder torment and pelvic floor damage after labor and Fecal incontinence. Medications can include physiotherapy, guidance, medical procedure and more intercessions, including:


  • Vaginal prolapse: Physiotherapy, ring pessary, medical procedure


  • Recurrent UTI: Medication, voiding strategy guidance, clean discontinuous self-catheterisation (CISC) if the patient has a remaining bladder


  • Faecal incontinence: Biofeedback, physiotherapy, medical procedure


  • Bladder torment: Physiotherapy, establishments, bladder retraining exhortation, prescription


  • Urinary incontinence: Bladder retraining guidance, physiotherapy, medicine, Botox to the bladder, percutaneous tibial nerve incitement (PTNS)
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